The Web and Mobile club is a collaborative community of students dedicated to building progressive and accessible products and sharing best practices. We combine user-centric design strategies with forward-thinking development technologies to create solutions for others on UCSC campus and beyond.

Our club's main objective is to encourage UC Santa Cruz students to cooperatively share industry-standard tech practices, and to provide an environment to work on related side projects. We nourish a multidisciplinary skillset with our design and development teams by giving focused workshops in both areas. In these hands-on workshops, members can learn anything from the basics of web development to advance practices with various frameworks. We also encourage participating members to throw their own guided workshops as well, to share different practices or skills they've learned. Beyond this, we meet regularly to design and build out a diverse set of projects ranging from software development to website redesigns.

Want to get involved?

We’re a collaborative group of students who are constantly educating eachother on new technologies and strategies for approaching web and mobile design and development.

Leadership & Members

Greg Wolff

Co-Founder / Director of Design

Elton Rego


Julius Fan


Ivy Chen


Huy Duc Ngo


Raymond Lee