Our approach to product development starts with a creative and user-centric approach to problem solving and arrives at new solutions fit for user needs — it's what makes us the Web and Mobile Club. Problems we aim to solve range in difficulty and scope, as does our process. To account for this, we've organized our work into two synergistic teams that offer opportunities to students by assembling collective knowledge and practices.

Design Team

Our design team takes the first steps in conceptualizing new ideas. We consider the ambiguous, and consult users before figuring out what, how, and why we should design something. We believe fully formed ideas don't happen spontaneously, but rather through a process of examination and review of user needs. Design is a collaborative process — one that combines product constraints, user objectives, and designer sensibilities to form an achievable plan for digital products.

Development Team

At the leading edge of building, deploying, and maintaining — our development team leverages agile methodologies for managing and controlling projects within the club. We extend on basic scrum techniques through the collaborative nature of our teams. Iterations of development follow internal volleys between the design and development teams, ensuring any additional technical constraints are reviewed during the development process.

Want to get involved?

If you're looking to learn more about design or development, or have considerable experience with either, we'd love to hear from you!

Workshops & Classes

Beyond creating products, our secondary effort is to offer educational resources to any students interested. We provide up to date lightning workshops to give exposure on industry technologies and practices, and to accelerate interpersonal skills for interviews and career fairs. We offer a long term class on basic web development quarterly for students who are newcomers to the tech space, or just want to dip their feet in.